Nada Rami, Medical Aesthetician and M.B.A

Nada had gravitated to the beauty industry throughout her time in business school. Soon after receiving her MBA, she realized that an office job just wasn’t for her. This realization, combined with plenty of experience preparing her two girls for recitals, school parties, and birthdays led her to pursue her true passion—taking
care of other people’s skin,beauty, and wellness in general. At Ô de Rose Med Spa is the managing director and the skin specialist.

Nada believes the key to success lies in the continued education that helps her stay on the cutting edge of her industry. When you add top-shelf skin care products and a professional work ethic, it’s inevitable that her customers will be as comfortable and happy as she hopes.



Dr. Ed. Assif, Medical Doctor

Dr. Assif or what everybody calls him  “the Artist of Beauty”  , on the other hand, is a medical doctor/director of Ô de Rose . Dr. Assif is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist, Board Certified Intensivist, and Board Certified in Aesthetics.He has received multiple “best physician” nominations.  Dr. Assif did research in Mass General Hospital in Boston and Harvard Medical School in Mollecular Biology where he had numerous innovations in the field in situ  hybridization. Our Beauty Artist completed his anesthesia and critical care medicine in Downstate University of New York where he worked for many years. He then moved to California and started working as an anesthesiologist in Riverside Community Hospital where he was a board member of the Anesthesia Medical Group of Riverside then the medical director of EMCARE.

Dr. Assif’s interest in skincare, beauty, and wellness grew more and more when his wife started  her aesthetics school. While mastering his main specialty and deep knowledge about anatomy of the human body and face makes him very comfortable injecting his clients and performing most of the services.  In addition, he is so passionate about helping you look your best and age gracefully. Our “Beauty Artist” does not believe in changing your beauty, but rather in helping your look like the best version of you.



What our clients says about Us

Jamie Johnson

Dr. Assif and Nada are wonderful. They have been extremely accommodating, as I travel in from out of town on business. I have had Dysport Cheek peeler for my cheeks and Restylane for my lips. Dr. Assif specializes in a technique using a blunt needle and cannulation to deposit the filler, which prevents from having to inject multiple times in multiple places. It minimizes the bruising as well. A stick or two is all and he does an amazing job! He has a great philosophy…less is more, making you look natural, not frozen! They are so friendly and the make you feel comfortable. Dr Assif is an Anesthesiologist, using needles all day-everyday, he is very knowledgeable and he is great at what he does. I highly recommend him!!! I am so happy with my results! Thank you for everything!

Ô de Rose Skin Care Beauty